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Public Schools

Our kids deserve public schools with the resources to help them reach their potential. Despite efforts to catch up, our state still underfunds our schools compared to the region. Our state has overemphasized testing and underemphasized 21st century skills. Supporting our public schools motivates Julia’s service. Julia is a public school parent, product of public schools and daughter of a former public school teacher.

Julia will continue to stand up for policies that benefit kids and equip educators.

Thriving Mental Health

Brain health is part of our wellbeing. Every Oklahoman deserves access to mental health care that helps them live their best lives. Meanwhile, 1 in 5 Oklahoma adults experience mental illness. Oklahomans have some of the highests rates in the country of Adverse Childhood Experiences and longest waits to be diagnosed or treated for mental illness.

Julia will keep championing resources for mental health and substance use disorder treatment for all ages.

An Economy that Works
for All

We have to create an economy with more opportunities available for more people. Oklahoma leaves far too much capacity untapped. Inequality undermines competition and limits growth in our economy. Although our economy has grown, wages for most Oklahomans have stagnated. The pandemic showed how much employment is fragile. When we support Oklahoma-grown businesses and improve the skills of workers, we build a new economy. When our state invests in quality education and health, we invest in long term prosperity.

Julia knows that creating a state where more people can succeed makes it so our state will succeed. She will continue speaking up for quality jobs and business opportunities for Oklahomans.

Fair Government

All Oklahomans have to know that their government runs fairly and they can have their voice heard. That means transparency: making sure our state informs the public in a timely and informative way and our state has fair ways for the public to give input. Voting should be straightforward and impartial. Government fairness also means ethics: making sure our systems uphold the integrity of elected officials and government employees.

Julia has been a constant voice for true transparency and making sure the public is heard. She has worked on legislation to improve our elections and ethics system.

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